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Refrigeration Compressors

We offer an extensive range of Refrigeration Compressors. Right from the procurement to the eventual delivery, we maintain a very professional approach so as to ensure that the customers get the best. We choose reliable manufacturers to make sure that there is no compromise with the quality. Our Reconditioned Compressors find a number of applications right from the household refrigerators to those large cooling units in offices, large public buildings, private houses, hospitals, large-scale warehouses for storing frozen food and meat, etc. We are among the leading Sabroe Compressor Exporters.

Our Range Includes
  • Carrier Compressors
  • Sabroe Compressors
  • Stal Compressors
  • Bitzer Compressor
  • Bock Compressors

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Carrier Compressors

The Refrigerator Compressor can be termed as the heart of the cooling unit of a Refrigerator. Although all the components are important to keep the refrigerator working competently, the Refrigerator Compressor performs one of the main functions. The Compressor compresses the Refrigerant gas in the Refrigerator. From the


Sabroe Compressors

Refrigeration Compressors are the devices behind the mechanism that makes places cooler and comfortable. Most of the common and extensively used air conditioning systems use Refrigeration Compressors. Refrigeration Compressors perform various functions like Refrigeration, heat pumping and air-cooling. Refrigeration Compressors find application


Stal Compressors

The Compressor as the name suggests compresses the Refrigerant gas in the Refrigerator resulting in a rise of gas pressure in the Refrigerator followed by a consequent rise in the temperature. The hot high-pressured gas is pushed out of the Refrigerator through the coils that result in the eventual dissipation of the heat to the surrounding


Bitzer Compressor

We are a well-known Bitzer Compressor Exporter & Supplier in India. We are engaged in offering low vibration and no noise Bitzer Compressor to the customers. The Bitzer Compressor, offered by us, is low in abrasion and maintenance expenses. Our Bitzer Compressor comes with rotary filters that remove the impurities in the


Bock Compressors

Less power input and more cooling capacity are the major factors that determine our Bock Compressors. Owing to their attributes like sturdy construction, high speed performance, motor efficiency, gas flow and efficiency of the valve system, our Bock Compressors are widely in demand where power-intensive refrigeration is